Saturday, January 14, 2017

TG Story News

I'm going to delete this message soon, but basically as soon as I am finished editing it, Body Hopper Saga's next chapter will be posted on WritersParadise. If you haven't signed up for WritersParadise you can do so at the link below. Hope you guys enjoy the story when it comes out, which is now! Follow the links below!

Body Hopper Saga: Shay Mitchell

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pinching HImself

First Celeb Story of 2017

I finished my first celeb story for 2017 with hopefully more to come. I'll create a comments section on my site for you guys to post your opinions about my stories on my site soon and you'll only be able to comment if you're a member of my site so sign up today and hope you guys enjoy this story.

Young and Hungry For Dick with Aimee Carrero



Friday, December 30, 2016

A Revival?

Many of you thought that it was dead. Some of you had lost hope to see it continue. Today, those theories are put to rest. Depending on when i have it edited, The Snatcher series will make it's glorious return for your reading pleasure. I will have a new post for the link to the 4th installment of Snatcher 4!

Snatcher 4

Happy New Year Everyone!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Making Up for Missed Captions

Now I know I said I was doing 12 caps of Christmas but I've missed three days so far. Well I missed those three days cause I was working on 3 other gifts. So the first gift is my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!


That is gift one. The other 2 gifts are 2 brand new stories by yours truly.

"Two Timed" with Lucy Hale


"Security Check" with Nina Dobrev

How that all this makes up for those three missed days. So hurry up and sign on up to become a member of my new site and enjoy those two new stories. Happy holidays everyone! Also please give everyone else's stories on the site some love please.